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As the Swiss Army knife of iTech, we’re the people who initiate, plan, design, monitor and deliver all kinds of work. We could probably even stretch to pulling stones out of horse’s hooves if we were asked. It’s all about using agile methodology and lean best practice, to help our own Chapter grow as fast as the business, and to make sure we all ship greatness every day.

We’ve created a unique way to get things done. Right now, we’re all about scaling up in everything we do, so agile methodology and scrum are at the heart of our processes. We’re focused on bringing everyone together, and getting everyone on board.

It’s one of the most collaborative ways of working, the entire team gets involved in planning, ideas, workshops, sketches, and more. We make sure that we know what’s coming, that we know what we need to do, and that everyone else in the business knows what needs to be done.

Then, we make sure it happens.

“You’ll learn way more than you think here… you’re not just restricted to your own discipline.”

This is just the beginning of our story