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The products we develop, drive and grow are used by millions of visitors who rely on them being available, responsive, trustworthy and accurate. We are building an amazing engineering team to do just that and we continue to look for more great software developers, data engineers, data scientists, engineering managers and SREs to join our growing team. We believe in collaboration and working together to ship great code and content into production, giving our users the best possible experience.

We strongly believe we can only succeed when we bring together a diverse range of experiences, ideas and allow everyone’s voices to be heard. We work hard to maintain a safe space for everyone to be themselves. We celebrate diversity in ideas, gender identities, nationalities and many other things, and want everyone to express their opinions, thoughts and challenges openly. Our teams are cross-functional, with engineers working closely with colleagues from other chapters to deliver the best solutions.

Teams have everything they need to deliver, including autonomy; they are empowered to adopt the technologies and ways of working that best suit their needs. We are remote-first and embrace a “work your way” approach, giving people the flexibility they need to achieve the right work/life balance for them.

By bringing people together as a team and fostering collaboration, we make solid technical decisions and pick the best tools for the job, striking a healthy balance between new and established tech that results in high quality products for our users.

At the heart of what we do we encourage people to try things out, fail fast and learn faster. With our company’s training budget and dedicated training days twice a month, engineers can develop new technical or soft skills to support their career development whilst bringing innovative ideas to life in their own teams.

We may be a technical team that spend our days in code, data and infrastructure to build the best products, but at heart we are a team of people who love working together!


This is just the beginning of our story