Helping people make smart choices online.

Colleagues talking over laptops

Product Management

Developing, driving and growing the world's best online iGaming sites isn’t easy. It takes a crack commando unit like us that would put the A Team to shame as we work together to drive collaboration, innovation, and cross-functional cohesion. The result? A culture of shipping greatness, world-class engaging and informative experiences for our users, and a car that shoots cabbages from a drainpipe. We love it when a plan comes together.

Our challenge is turning ideas into the kind of products that help our users make smart choices. Our market is vast, and the number of verticals we touch is huge. So, we focus on making sure we know our users inside out, before pooling our knowledge and sharing our expertise.

Good research is vital. We make a point of listening to our users, learning as much as we can, and acting on what we find. All with a focus on making the most of the endless opportunities out there.

Our people drive our strategy. They bring something new every day. They don’t just deliver solutions - they are the solution. We’re proactive. We’re fresh thinking. We’re fast moving.

We don’t just say it. We do it. 

“You can’t always put your finger on it, but what makes iTech epic is that the business truly believes in their people, and makes sure they’re genuinely at the heart of what they do.”


This is just the beginning of our story