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Strategic Ops

We’re ambitious at iTech, we’ve got some big goals in our sight and we’re rapidly soaring towards them. How do we know what to prioritise, how to keep pushing the needle and who’s going to keep us honest? Enter Strategic Ops...

Strategic Ops are the chapter who keep our leadership team on track with their great ambitions, working towards our long term strategy and delivering our biggest org wide goals, on time. We use agile delivery techniques and long term strategic planning, to prioritise our company initiatives and focus on the biggest goals, with the greatest impact. We work with the company vision, mission and annual objectives in mind - to help to break down the long term, into the annual and seasonal, to see our cross functional goals over the line in a measurable timeframe. From key strategic projects, to seasonal away days and the annual conference keynote, a typical day for a member of Strategic Ops, is never quite the same. We encourage our chapter members to embrace new challenges, new project specialisms and stretch their skills far beyond any set boundaries.

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