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Talent Acquisition

Our mission (yes, we’ve already accepted it) is to identify, attract and hire future high potential ArchiTechs. That means working with hiring managers and leadership to figure out who we need on our team. We’re talking engineers, devs, marketers, designers, accountants, brilliant hackers, maverick pilots, undercover operatives, double agents, evil geniuses, and a lot more.

When we talk about talent, we really mean it. We put everything we’ve got into finding it, after all, we won’t become London’s digital employer without it.

We spend our time searching for people who can live, breathe, eat and sleep our culture as much as we do. We’re inclusive and diverse, and we’re building something incredibly special at iTech, so we need people who are on the same mission as us… people who want to bring their whole selves to work.

When it comes to measuring our success, numbers are important but they don’t tell the full story. For us, it’s all about how good our entire candidate experience is from application through to hire… and we think we’re pretty good at delivering it.


“What makes iTech truly epic is that it’s a place where you can bring your full self to work.”

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