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iTech Media: On an epic journey together

iTech helps people make smart choices online by creating industry-leading experiences and comparison products. We use our skills - comprising Content, UX, Design, SEO, Engineering and Marketing - to entertain and establish trust with a global audience. We are helping people to have fun, avoid the bad products, and make the right play. From first search all the way through to choosing a site that’s right for their needs - we are with them every step of the way. 

We believe that having fun is how we win and our culture drives growth in all its forms. From epic company parties to dedicated personal development. At iTech we are constantly developing our talents, shipping great work, and celebrating our success as one team. 

As we grow we will use our expertise to move into other sectors outside gaming - so that millions more people can make smart choices every day. We can only achieve this by being the best place you’ve ever worked and partnering with the best in the industry. We are looking for brilliant people who share our values and want to bring their skills, develop them, unleash their best selves, and have the greatest experience of their career.

Check out the timeline and follow the story from when we were founded to you joining us!


The story so far...

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1000 ArchiTechs

Celebrate over 1600? ArchiTechs.



Meet Andrew

When Andrew isn’t being a husband, Cardiff City fan or human climbing frame for two crazy kids, he’s our Global Head of SEO who we were very excited to welcome in October.




5th Birthday

iTech Media celebrates its 5th birthday with 204 ArchiTechs.

That time we partied at home

Due to the pandemic, our annual company conference became a virtual festival – but what an amazing week! We gamified our knowledge sharing, enjoyed Professor Green live – and who can forget uplifing real talk from the legend that is Mr Motivator!




Meet Andy

Andy was once a marine biologist who turned to SEO - and we’re so glad he made the change and is now joining us as our Head of SEO Expansion!




Meet Liz

Liz joins us as our Head of Product, after almost 20 years working in Digital. When she’s not travelling, she’s training for marathons or enjoying her favourite Pilates class – as well as building world-class Product Chapters!




Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Scheme

ArciTechs drive the incredible growth of iTech Media, so our EMI scheme allows every Arc to share in that success.



UK Lockdown

We’re all working from home, but it’s been business as usual with the addition of some epic virtual socials.



Cirque le Soir

We celebrate another successful year with a huge party a Cirque le Soir!




SV exec and queen of content Maggie Leung visits for a second time and wows us with her wisdom #groweveryday at iTech.


Our First Hackathon

First Hackathon launched.

Our First Tribe

Established our first Tribe.



Salary Exchange

Salary exchange introduced to help people make even smarter decisions about their finances.

Meet Anthony

As Head of UX and Design, Anthony is fixated on building an incredible user driven culture at iTech. In his first 6 months, he’s quadrupled the team size and hasn't stopped yet 👏




113 ArchiTechs

iTech turns 4 and celebrates with 113 ArchiTechs. Now hiring 30 NewArcs/quarter. 




iTech #100 born.


Friday Lunch

We outgrew City Pantry for Friday lunch and started bringing in partners who cook in-house.

Friday Lunch

iTech Campus

Started planning the iTech Campus.

ArchiTech Leaders

Launched ArchiTech Leaders and Coaches groups.

Meet Matt

Proud owner of 300+ T shirts 👕 Matt leads and inspires an awesome team of Developers. He's an Engineer’s engineer, and was promoted to Head of Development in 2019.

Matt's Tshirts



Meet Faye

As well as enjoying getting lost in far flung places ✈️ Faye is building a Talent Acquisition & Scaling engine like no other. She balances hiring at speed with finding innovative ways of recruiting talent.


Purpose, Vision & Values

Launched Purpose, Vision & Values. 10 ArchiTechs are onboarded at Gatwick airport.

Shit Happened

Team of 83 ArchiTechs spend a week at the company conference, Four Seasons, Marrakech "the one where shit happened". It's all in the rap. 




Meet Owen

Owen’s weapons of choice are keyboard and mouse to create truly awesome content for the global network. Ask him about his “glass smashing pub interview”. What should we do more of Owen? “Read more books!" 📚




Meet JooBee

Together with an awesome People & Experience team, JooBee is building growth maps for the organisation and creating a unique employee experience. She also chases imaginary Pokemon 👟


Aloha Fridays

Summer hours announced. Aloha Fridays mean ArchiTechs finish at 3pm every Friday in July & August.

Pension Contribution

Pension contribution doubled to 10% to help people make smart choices about their personal finances.

Paid Sabbatical

Paid 2-week sabbatical + £2000 (net!) spends introduced to celebrate and recognise ArchiTechs who joined 4 years ago.



Meet Alan

Employee #66, our first COO and Dad to 8 (yes 8!) children 👶 Alan's here to help build our People & Culture, drive efficiency & effectiveness, and to help us scale. All stuff he's done before. 

Alan, COO at iTech



First Warsaw Office

Our first official iTech Warsaw office opens in Gdanski Business Centre (GBC).


Tough Mudder

Tough mudder team entry!



Sanctus introduced as a partner to help people discuss mental health issues and reduce the stigma.



66 ArchiTechs

iTech turns 3 and celebrates 66 ArchiTechs.





iTech Warsaw office opens in a small iDid office.



We outgrew Deliveroo for Friday lunch...



Launched Sunlight

Launched Sunlight annual allowance of £1000/ArchiTech for personal development.

Hello Camden!

We moved into Parkway, Camden.

Hello Camden Office



Blue Donkey

Team of 50 ArchiTechs spend a week at the company conference in Mykonos, ”the one with the blue donkey incident” You will have to ask Harley to find out more.

Blue Donkey and Harley

First Squad

Our first Squad is launched with 4 ArchiTechs.



Goucho Grill

The entire team are taken to Goucho Grill in recognition of Shipping Greatness.


Building Our Own CDN

Started to build our own CDN, as nothing on the market did all the things we needed.



Launch of OKRs

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are launched - a game changer for us, enabling everyone to work in a more focused, transparent and performance driven way.



41 ArchiTechs

iTech turns 2 and celebrates 41 ArchiTechs.




Meet Matt

“The coolest legal person I have ever worked with” and “never play table tennis with Matt, he wins every time" 🏆 Two quotes showing two perspectives on Matt! He's responsible for everything Legal at iTech.

Matt, Legal Eagle



The BIG Water Fight

Team of 32 ArchiTechs spend a week at the company conference in Thailand, "the one with the BIG water fight", which gave Songkran meeting room its name. We move to our 3rd office on Mornington Crescent North.




Meet Io

As Head of Engineering, Io and his team help keep the bad guys out 🙌 ensuring people can make smart choices online whenever they want to. 

John, Head of Engineering



The “Hoverboard Incident"

We will protect the identity of the ArchiTech, but suffice to say a member of the SEO chapter..... took a beer-fuelled attempt of ambition over common sense. Nobody was hurt and the footage may still exist...

Meet Rob

Employee #12 and 2nd funniest person at iTech, Rob's building an amazing Finance team; helping scale the company and processes. He’s also rather good with Excel 📊




22 ArchiTechs

iTech turns 1 and celebrates 22 ArchiTechs. 



Coco Bongo

A team of 15 ArchiTechs spend a week at the company conference, Mexico. Following an epic evening in Coco Bongo club, another meeting room gets its name.


Mornington Crescent

The “OG’s” have arrived! We move to our 2nd office Mornington Crescent (South). 


Talking Parrot

After a Skype interview, with a talking parrot in the background, Rahul “OG” joined to deliver pure greatness in SEO/Content Marketing.




Our First Office

iTech opens its first office and hires Dan “the man” to run Ops and Andy "the most tattooed person in the company" Killworth to head up SEO. The Village meeting room also gets its name.




iTech is born!

Harley registers and bootstraps iTech, the dream takes shape.

Talk of the town

  • "iTech is a great place to work. Lots of incredible people, with lots of incredible ideas. No idea is frowned upon, and there is a sense that exciting things are happening every day. I'm very happy I get to work with these people every week 😊"

  • "I started at iTech 4 months ago and the time has flown by so fast. Such a great place to work and the environment is so good that my Monday blues have disappeared."

  • "Just before I joined iTech, the company told me they had planned to fly everyone abroad to Thailand for 7 days. Exactly, too good to believe I thought. 2 months into the job? I was in sunny Koh Samui. By an infinity pool. With a giant inflatable unicorn. #JustiTechBeingiTech"

  • "Having worked in previous roles where content always followed the same strategy of 'playing it safe', it's exciting to work at a place that strongly encourages staff to experiment. I finally get to stretch some creative muscles!"

  • "Things are so good here I was suspicious for at least six months after I joined."

  • "My second family! This place is more than a job, it's where you are encouraged to be yourself, where you are supported in both your personal & career development & where we work hard, but play harder. We have fun with absolutely everything we do! I joined iTech because I could completely be myself, no hierarchy, no micro-management & no 'corporate' BS traditions. I can voice my concerns, wear 'hats & trainers' & have all the 'bants' my heart desires."

  • "I'm often asked in interviews what's great about working in iTech. My answer has and always will be the same - our people. We're fortunate to work in a company where everyone is valued, passionate, friendly and collaborative. Our company culture is unique, special and something we protect. It's what makes us the best place to work ever!"

  • "I moved to London to join iTech in 2016 and I couldn't imagine that, more than a job, I would find a family!"

  • "Looking forward to going to work is a novelty not enjoyed by many, but iTech is one of those rare companies which has uncovered the secret ingredient. We are a solid and ever-growing team, with characters from all kinds of backgrounds teaming with talent. You're supported above and beyond, be it professional or personal, and there's a real sense of 'we're on this journey together'."

  • "There really is no other place like iTech: no hierarchical BS, incredible benefits, and it’s a place you look forward to walking into on a Monday morning."

  • "I've never felt so quickly at ease and comfortable at a company before - everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and you can really bring your true self to work every day."

  • "After 6 months in iTech, the only thing that is limiting me is my personal disbelieve that the stars are actually aligned! I will be more careful what I wish for 😊"

  • "Everything about this company is special and there's no other place I'd rather be."

  • "The greatest thing about working at iTech is being able to see the company achieve so many things so expeditiously! That alone is a testament to the amazing leadership and hardworking people who are always shipping greatness and proving that nothing is impossible!"

  • "Everything is set up for you to succeed - the inspiring talks, conferences, workshops and generous training allowance. And let's not forget the epic conferences to Marrakesh and Thailand!"

  • "iTech found me in way back in 2016 and I haven’t looked at my CV since. It’s a work hard, play hard, let you grow everyday in your own sort of way type of company."

  • "iTech is a great place to work. Lots of incredible people, with lots of incredible ideas. No idea is frowned upon, and there is a sense that exciting things are happening every day. I'm very happy I get to work with these people every week 😊"

  • "I wanted to be part of a company that cares about me and someone where I feel like I matter! Having a good work life balance is so important and the flexibility here is incredible. Hands down, from the minute I stepped into the office I felt completely content!"

Male colleagues chatting on sofas

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