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One epic team, four epic values

This is an experience built on teamwork, quality, energy, trust and fun… and it’s driven by people from all kinds of backgrounds, from all over the planet.

I'm honoured to work alongside a team of absolute superstars, every day! I'm always learning something new...

Harley Kisberg



Shipping Greatness

Pushing the boundaries to deliver quality work.

World-class work isn’t only about getting stuff done - we want quality that we’re all proud of. We take risks, we get the detail right and we deliver on time.

Win As One

Beating the odds together and celebrating success.

We’re here to beat the odds – but we can’t do it alone. We put our hands up to help, and our hearts out to each other. We share in our success together and celebrate our wins, as well as our fails.

Grow Every Day

Developing ourselves to raise the bar.

iTech keeps growing when each of us gets better at what we do. We encourage and empower our Arcs to own their development and growth. We invite feedback and speak up when we see things to improve. If we each raise the bar there's no limit to how high we can go.

Rocking It!

Bringing fun and positivity to everything we do.

Having fun makes iTech a great place to work - and fun is the fuel for our creativity. We believe that happiness is contagious. It's the joy inside each of us that inspires the positivity of our unique culture.

So why should you join us?

We’ve built a one-in-a-million culture at iTech, filled with one-in-a-million people. We know that collaboration is the only way to achieve the extraordinary, so we go out of our way to make it happen.  

We’re committed to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and included here. We know that we’re more epic together – we can’t win until we all win.

iTech is for people who want to be a part of ground-breaking and game-changing work. We don’t subscribe to a rigid corporate hierarchy. Change is good, there is no wrong way to do things, and nothing is impossible.  

We thrive on open feedback. We see as much value in failure as success. We think outside the box and make change happen.  

Are you ready?

This is just the beginning of our story