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Experimentation & Analytics

We’re the people behind our true test and learn culture. However, just like Bruce Banner, not all of our experiments work out. Still, our super-power is world-class tools, technology, analysis, insights and people, we use it to help teams develop and run industry-leading experimentation programs focused on delivering the best possible experiences for users.

Ultimately, we’re here to provide our users with the best possible choices, depending on their needs. We focus on meeting that challenge by optimising every detail on every page, and by serving the right content to visitors, at the right time.

What’s really exciting is that we get to put our knowledge to work in new markets - not just online gaming. Our quick growth means there’s more to explore. It means there are more product releases happening than you can imagine. It means we get the chance to play with cool tech like AI and machine learning. 

It means everyone has the opportunity to build a deep understanding of the business, and have a real impact on where we go in the future.

“You’re born to fail as part of the Experimentation Chapter… but failing means you’re definitely learning."

This is just the beginning of our story