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SEO & Digital PR

SEO is at the core of iTech’s success. Through data-led decision making and close collaboration, we aim to be the number one SEO organisation on the planet.

Operating in the highly competitive online gambling space, we currently work across numerous verticals including casino, poker, and sports betting – with a long-term plan to expand into other sectors. With a truly international outlook, our portfolio of products spans multiple markets, languages, and geos, with each territory providing new challenges that require innovative solutions.

A highly experienced team, expertly assembled, our SEOs have come from the likes of Google Digital Garage,, and American Express to name a few.

Holding responsibility for two main areas, our on-page/technical SEO team ensure we’re building, improving, and maintaining search rankings for some of the most competitive keywords on the web. Our outbound marketers create and promote innovative and engaging content marketing pieces to be shared and cited by major publications.

Our tools of the trade include Sistrix, ahrefs, SEMRush, and Screaming Frog, while we also build our own specialist SEO software in-house - which helps us automate intent mapping, spot interlinking opportunities, and more.

“The SEO Chapter is especially exciting as you can work on a range of websites, each with their unique challenges, which lets you put your knowledge to the test and apply some cutting-edge SEO techniques to drive results in a very competitive market vertical."

Constantly conducting experiments and tests, we believe failure can be a great teacher, and are always looking to refine our knowledge about how best to please Google and our users.

Placing a big emphasis on knowledge sharing and self-improvement too, our yearly £1,000 training budget has allowed Chapter members to benefit from everything from featured snippet courses and women in tech workshops, to public speaking and confidence building classes.

Working collaboratively with Content Editors, UX & Design, Engineers and Product Managers, many of our SEOs move seamlessly across several sites, enjoying the variety of building multiple brands at once.

So, if you’re interested in dominating existing markets, conquering new frontiers, and driving innovation in one of the most challenging but rewarding sectors, get in touch. Head over to our Careers page to find out about our latest SEO and Content Marketing positions.

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